Hake Deep Sea Trawl Sector

CFE have operations in the Hake Deep Sea Trawl Fishing Sector

Since 2015 CFE has been involved in a joint venture agreement with Sea Harvest Ltd, and it currently owns 29.7% of the MFV “Harvest Kirstina”.

In addition to being directly involved in ownership of this vessel CFE is, by association as a part owner of the vessel, also involved in all processing activities undertaken on board the vessel.

Aside from already directly marketing its allocation as and when caught, CFE is currently in the process of establishing a retail marketing division to specifically market it’s by-catch product within the retail environment. CFE is therefore directly involved in catching, processing and marketing its allocation in the Hake Deep Sea Trawl sector.

Historical Involvement:

CFE was historically the 100% owner of the MFV “Exel”, which operated in Hake Deep Sea Trawl sector. Once CFE acquired the vessel, it had to invest millions of Rands into upgrading the vessel and into converting it from a fresh fish vessel to a freezer vessel.

MFV “Exel” operated in the sector from 2000-2008 after which it suffered a catastrophic main engine breakdown which resulted in the vessel becoming a total constructive loss and led to it being scrapped in 2009.

In addition to the MFV “Exel”, CFE owned 14.86% shares in the MFV “Antares Prima” from 2007 to 2009 through its shareholding in Shadewind 16 (Pty) Ltd.

From 2010 to 2013 CFE was in a joint venture with Marine Products (PTY) Ltd. (Marpro) until Marpro was sold to Oceana Group.

The smaller right holders that were involved in the Marpro joint venture then decided to form a joint venture with another small right holder and vessel owner in the trawl fishery. Our relationship with Dyer Eiland (PTY) Ltd. did not last long as despite many promises, the communication and lack of promised deliverables between the parties broke down. This resulted in CFE and Pellsrus Historical Fishing Corporation CC forming an alliance which led us to form a joint venture with Sea Harvest.